Sunday, June 23, 2013

♡ Reviews: NYX Round Case Lipstick ♡

♡ NYX Round Case Lipstick ♡

I gotta catch them all
But I still choose you.
Hey baby,
Would you be my pikachu?

I have been loving NYX for a long time. ( I'll literally recommend like...anything by them. It's all a hit for me. ) And seeing as it's pretty hard to find a pigmented lipstick that's long-lasting, I decided to do a review on one of my favorites.

I have a couple of these, and I intend to buy more of them. 

Initially the packaging is very sleek and nice, and there isn't and trouble opening or closing them.

The product goes on very smoothly, especially with a lip balm applied first. There are no rough spots or issues with the color being uneven, it looks great. They're pretty glossy too, which I really love. I've also never had an issue with them making my lips feel dry.

I tend to smack and rub my lips a lot, which can easily make a product wear off. When I do that frequently, these will typically last 5 hours still. When I don't do anything to rub them off, they can last roughly 10 hours. ( I typically will not use a primer, liner, or blot when I use these, so if you take those extra steps I'm sure it'll last as long as you need.

♡ Cons ♡
- ?????

♡ Pros ♡
- Long-lasting
- Cheap price
- Smooth application
- Not drying
- True to color
- Pigmented
- Good packaging
- Large color selection

So, I'm pretty sure you can already guess what I'd rate this lipsticks.

♡ Overall ♡

( Beautiful product, I highly recommend it. )

 ♡ Talk to you later, gorgeous! 

♡ Oil Cleansing ♡

♡ Oil Cleansing 

Swaggity Swine
I think you're fine

Have any of you heard about the oil cleansing method before? It's been getting pretty popular so I kind of decided to jump the bandwagon on it.

For those of you who don't know what the oil cleansing method is, it's pretty much where you mix two different kinds of oil together, and wash your face with it.

If you don't know a lot about skincare, that probably sounds confusing to you. Like, you want to get rid of the oil on your face, so why would you rub oil on it? There are a lot of oils that are very healthy for your skin. It's very important to keep your face moisturized, because a lot of times lack of moisture is why your face gets so oily! If you're constantly stripping your face of its natural oils and not giving any moisture back, your face is going to get even oilier to make up for what's left it.

tl;dr: oil is great for your skin. Just trust me.

So, I'm going to explain how I'm doing it now.

First off, I needed a bottle to keep it in, so I just have the two oils in an old toner bottle. ( I'm so creative, right. )

The two oils I'm using are castor oil and olive oil. My mixture is three parts castor oil, one part olive oil. I do it like that because my skin is more oily and acne-prone.

For dry skin, try one part castor oil and three parts olive oil.

For normal skin, try equal amounts of the two.

♡ Steps to Oil Cleansing ♡
- For the mixture, just find an empty bottle or container and mix the oil in like instructed right above.
- Turn your sink on and heat it up to make the water very warm. You want it warm enough that it won't burn your skin, but still warm enough to steam your skin. ( It's tricky to get the temperature right the first few times )
- Usually while I'm letting the water heat up I do this step. I take about a quarter size of the mixture into my palm and massage it onto my face. It feels good. Like. Really good.
- Take a wash cloth and run it under the hot water, then lay it on top of your face. keep it on top of your face until it's cooled down.
- Gently wipe the excess oil of your face with the wash cloth, and you're done!

Right after doing this the first time I could see an improvement. My skin looked cleaner and softer, and any acne seemed less noticeable. 

I'm still using this, and the results just get better every day.

I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with acne, or anyone who just wants a more even skin tone!

♡ Have a great day, beautiful bunnies! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

♡ Reviews: J-Cat Sparkling Cream Palette ♡


♡ J-Cat Sparkling Cream Palette 

If you're reading this...
I hope something good happens to you today.

On first glance this product is pretty...Like super pretty. I got it in this month's Glam Bag.

First off, the packaging. It's very sleek and looks nice, but it was a pain to open. While peeling off the little bit of tape keeping it closed, it caught with the labels on the bottom of the product so I had to peel all that off too. But maybe that was just my bad luck.

Upon deciding to use it, I wasn't sure how to go about applying it. I lightly tapped it with my finger and it didn't feel creamy at all, so I decided to try using the applicator it came with. So I swiped the applicator across it, and...BOOM it pulled off so much product it already hit pan. I rubbed as much product back into the pan as I could and decided to just use my fingers to apply it.

It was a little hard to get a good pigment at first, but I finally got it. I started off with the light beige shade on the first half of my eyes, and the yellow color on the outer half.

For the crease, I used the orangey shade. I decided to use a brush for this one, so I grabbed one of my good brushes and swiped it...literally I only got a bit of excess glitter. Yeah, I'll just stick to my fingers with this.

Next, trying to apply eyeliner over it, I grabbed a liquid liner to do a basic cat eye. It was practically impossible to get the eyeliner black over the eyeshadow, all the glitter seeped right through. I had to go over with a thick layer of gel liner to hid the glitter trying to sparkle through.

The fallout wasn't as bad as I expected, but it was practically impossible to get off. (Actually, I couldn't get it all off.)

Trying to take the make-up off was terrible. I got most of it off, but the sparkles just smeared everywhere. I used my basic eye make-up remover twice, then washed my face twice...I'm pretty sure I still have sparkles everywhere. And the sparkles got into my eyes. It doesn't hurt that bad, but it's pretty annoying. Almost as annoying as an eyelash in your eye.

♡ Pros 

- Colors are pretty
- Cheap price (you get what you pay for)
- Looks nice when applied

♡ Cons 

- Hard to remove fallout
- Hard to remove in general
- Very messy
- Tricky to apply
- Cheap quality
- Eyeliner doesn't apply well over it

♡ Overall 

★  ☆ ☆ ☆ 
( two stars was very gracious )

♡ Thanks for reading, cuties! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

♡ Girl Talk: Confidence ♡

Girl Talk:

♡ Confidence ♡

What's wrong with just being you?
( Nothing, because you're beautiful. )

Confidence is a trait that seems to be rapidly disappearing in women (Men too). I'm pretty sure society is the main blame for that.

Society seems to be pressuring women that they have to be a size 0, or they have to have a thigh gap, or they have to wear a face full of make-up to be pretty, or no sex until you're married because if you have sex you're a dirty slut.

Try to picture this in your head. Every single woman in the world, a size 0. Each of them wearing a full-on face of make-up, bleach blonde hair going down to the butt, and pretty much every woman as a walking Barbie. Do you think it would still be appealing?

No, it wouldn't.

Life needs variety. Do you think every man is interested in a woman who looks like a Barbie? No way! There are plenty of men who like girls who are chubby or wear no make-up.

You should definitely not worry about your appearance. You may look different than all the girls around you, but that's okay!

Look at it this way, you're a pear surrounded by apples.

Are apples good? Yes, apples are good. But no matter how red and juicy the apple is, there's always someone that hates apples.

So then what does that person like? They like the pear. 

In case you're not understanding that little fruit bit, the point is that not everyone wants the same thing. Not everyone likes blonde barbies, not everyone likes country girls, not everyone likes tomboys.

What really matters is that you are okay with yourself.

Does it matter what anyone else thinks? Hell no. Whenever someone puts you down, you remember that one day someone is going to see you and think that you're the most beautiful girl they've ever laid eyes on.

Don't even try to tell me that's never going to happen for you, because it will. You're just as special as the most popular girl in the school.

♡ Tips to Increase Your Confidence ♡

- Remember that everyone struggles with confidence. You. Are. Not. Alone.
- When someone compliments you, accept it! Don't reject it, even if you don't agree with them, that's their opinion! Maybe someone just called you pretty, and you don't think so. Does that mean they can't find you pretty? Absolutely not, if you start accepting compliments with gratitude, you'll feel better about yourself.
- When you feel bad about yourself, start writing down things you like about yourself or things you're good at. Don't say you're bad at everything and there's nothing good about you, because there is. Are you a good singer? Good artist? Good at sports? Do you like the color of your eyes? Do you think you have a nice butt? Do you like your fashion sense? Start writing things down, girl!
- Accept your flaws. EVERYONE is flawed. I myself am a very confident person, and I can pick out my flaws without feeling terrible about them. Your good traits will always outweigh the bad. No one is perfect, so don't feel like you have to be.
- Confidence is sexy.

I'm gonna tell you a little story that relates to that last one. At school, everyone thinks the popular kids are so hot, right? So a long while back I remember talking to one of my friends about them. And we realized, "hey, those people aren't actually that attractive, why does everyone think they are?" And you know what we came up with? We think they're attractive, because they have the confidence to act like they are. We can see the confidence on them, and we think, "hey, that's sexy!" And they become attractive to us. Go look at someone who everyone thinks is so pretty, really look at them, are they honestly jaw-dropping gorgeous, or do they have the confidence to believe they are?

And one last thing. Do what you want, not what anyone else wants.
I like to wear a full face of make-up. People tell me "oh, why do you wear so much make-up? You'd look fine without all that." And I'm just like, "yes I do look fine without it, but I like wearing it. I feel more confident with it. So I'm going to wear it."
Are you "chubby"? So what? I think chubby people are naturally adorable. (Plus, you guys are the absolute BEST at cuddling.)
Do you not like shaving? More power to you, if you don't want to shave your legs, armpits, bikini area, or wherever else, that is up to you. No one else. If it makes you comfortable, go for it!
You can love your body, even if you're trying to change it.

Love your body, love your appearance, love yourself. Embrace the ways you're unique, because they only make you more beautiful.

♡ if you were a cheeto, you’d be a hot cheeto. 

( have a good day, you hot cheetos! )

♡ 10 Fat-Burning Foods ♡

tips & tricks:
♡ 10 Fat-Burning Foods ♡

Hey, beautiful! Did you fall from heaven?
Because you look like an angel!
...Too cheesy?

It seems like the biggest fad for a woman is to be thin, or have a flat stomach. Being overweight or even just a little chubby can horribly damage a girl's self-confidence. Let me tell you now, I do not care what size you are (whether you're a size 3 or a size 13), you look beautiful in it! If you're trying to lose weight, make sure you're doing it for yourself and to be healthy! 

#1: Green Tea
Green tea is an absolute miracle! This drink does amazing things for your body. It acts as a natural detox, so this drink boosts your immune system, improves the appearance of your skin, and boosts your metabolism. A cup of green tea a day is an excellent idea.
#2: Cinnamon
Cinnamon will spike up your metabolism so your body can burn off all that excess fat. Cinnamon has been proven to decrease cholesterol levels and prevent diabetes. Both of those things are associated with being over-weight.
#3: Coffee
It's not so much the coffee itself that's so good for you, but the caffeine in it! Caffeine can really get your metabolism going.
#4: Berries
Berries don't really burn off fat. So I bet you're wondering why they're on this list then, right? Although they don't help burn the fat, they're so low in calories that it burns more calories to digest them than they contain! Can you say negative calories?
#5: Beans
Beans are very high in protein and fiber, and have no fat! They clean out your system and can keep your digestive system on track.
#6: Lean Meats
Lean meats are obviously much lower in calories than other meats. This is because the lean meat is almost all protein instead of fat!
#7: Salmon
Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help you build muscle. When you have more muscle, it's far easier to burn fat. (Remember ladies, muscle weighs more than fat.)
#8: Green Veggies
Veggies are rich in fiber. The fiber is going to help your body feel fuller and keep your digestive track working right. Veggies are also idea for keeping your metabolism from slowing down.
#9: Peanut Butter
Peanut butter has lots of protein! And it also increases testosterone levels. And I know what you're thinking, "I'm a girl, why would I want high testosterone levels?" Well the testosterone from peanut butter is good for both men and women.
#10: Water
This is a no-brainer. Do I even half to explain how water works?

Remember, the number you see on a scale does not matter. If it's not making you unhealthy, it does not matter.
So how then should you decide if you're at a good weight?
Go stand in front of a mirror. Look at your stomach, your legs, your arms, just look at your body.
Are you comfortable with how it looks? (You should be, you're gorgeous!)
Yes? You're fine, don't worry about a thing. You. Are. Beautiful!
No? Then lose weight. Do it safely, and do it for you! Don't do it because an idiot called you fat or society makes you feel bad. Do it for you and you only. Because no matter how big or small you are, you're perfect to someone.

♡ Rock on, beautiful princesses 

♡ Silky Smooth Legs For Summer ♡

How To:
♡ Silky Smooth Legs ♡

Hey beauty junkies. Guess who's looking great today?
(It's you.)

Everyone loves the feeling of having legs as smooth as a baby's butt, right? It just makes you happy when you feel your legs and it feels like your hand is surrounded by kittens. Well, maybe it doesn't make everyone happy, but it makes me feel wonderful!
This is the perfect treat to pamper yourself with.

♡ The Magic Ingredients 

1. Mix all of those ingredients up into a bowl. (You can substitute olive oil for canola oil, baby oil, or coconut oil. Also, you definitely don't need to squeeze juice from a lemon or a lime, you can just buy plain ol' lemon juice from the store).
2. Start up a bath and soak your legs in it for at least 5 minutes
3. Shave your legs. Using a newer razor is better, because trust me, you're going to get all that dead skin off your legs, and if you haven't exfoliated recently it can get pretty awkward.
4. Rub the mixture all over your legs. It's going to feel great! Like a mini-massage.
5. Shave your legs a second time. This is when all that nasty dead skin is going to start coming up, I'm sure you'll be glad that's leaving!
6. Use the mixture a second time! Your legs should already be feeling smooth.
7. Rinse your legs off. You can use a mild soap or body wash if your legs feel too oily, but I personally don't like to.
8. Get out of the tub and lather your legs up in lotion.
9. Tell everyone you know to feel your legs! (TRUST ME, you'll want to!)

I like to do this when I need a little pick-me-up, because for me, pampering myself is the perfect treat when I'm feeling down.

Pro tip: You don't have to limit this to just your legs! Use it on your tummy, your arms, anywhere you want! You could have silky smooth armpits too, if you want!

♡ Have fun with your baby-butt smooth legs and have a fabulous morning/afternoon/evening/night! 

♡ How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day ♡


What's up, good-looking?
I hope your day has been just as fabulous as you are!

So I'm sure we all have that issue where you apply your lipstick in the morning, then in a few hours it's all worn off, right?
So how in the world are you supposed to fix that?
There's a very simple solution to making your lipstick long-wearing and smudge-proof!

♡ What You'll Need ♡
- Any lip liner of your choice
- Any lipstick of your choice
- Pressed or loose powder
- Toilet paper / tissues

♡ How To Do It ♡
1. Take your lip liner, it absolutely does not matter what lip liner you want to use, and line around your lips, filling them in after
2. After your lips are completely filled with the lip liner, take ANY lipstick and apply that over the lip liner.
3. After you've applied the lipstick, dab it with a tissue / toilet paper then apply another layer of it. Repeat this step three times.
4. Take a tissue or some toilet paper and pull it in half ( you want 1-ply not 2-ply ).
5. Place the 1-ply tissue / toilet paper over your lips, and with a powder brush apply a light layer of your powder over over the paper and your lips, and you're done!

Holding the one-ply paper over the lips while you powder will make sure you don't apply the powder too heavily and make the lips powdery (ew, who would want powdery lips?). The fine amount of powder will set your lipstick to last all day and all night long!

This trick is perfect for long-days, parties, or even weddings!

 Good luck, beauty junkies!