Sunday, June 23, 2013

♡ Oil Cleansing ♡

♡ Oil Cleansing 

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Have any of you heard about the oil cleansing method before? It's been getting pretty popular so I kind of decided to jump the bandwagon on it.

For those of you who don't know what the oil cleansing method is, it's pretty much where you mix two different kinds of oil together, and wash your face with it.

If you don't know a lot about skincare, that probably sounds confusing to you. Like, you want to get rid of the oil on your face, so why would you rub oil on it? There are a lot of oils that are very healthy for your skin. It's very important to keep your face moisturized, because a lot of times lack of moisture is why your face gets so oily! If you're constantly stripping your face of its natural oils and not giving any moisture back, your face is going to get even oilier to make up for what's left it.

tl;dr: oil is great for your skin. Just trust me.

So, I'm going to explain how I'm doing it now.

First off, I needed a bottle to keep it in, so I just have the two oils in an old toner bottle. ( I'm so creative, right. )

The two oils I'm using are castor oil and olive oil. My mixture is three parts castor oil, one part olive oil. I do it like that because my skin is more oily and acne-prone.

For dry skin, try one part castor oil and three parts olive oil.

For normal skin, try equal amounts of the two.

♡ Steps to Oil Cleansing ♡
- For the mixture, just find an empty bottle or container and mix the oil in like instructed right above.
- Turn your sink on and heat it up to make the water very warm. You want it warm enough that it won't burn your skin, but still warm enough to steam your skin. ( It's tricky to get the temperature right the first few times )
- Usually while I'm letting the water heat up I do this step. I take about a quarter size of the mixture into my palm and massage it onto my face. It feels good. Like. Really good.
- Take a wash cloth and run it under the hot water, then lay it on top of your face. keep it on top of your face until it's cooled down.
- Gently wipe the excess oil of your face with the wash cloth, and you're done!

Right after doing this the first time I could see an improvement. My skin looked cleaner and softer, and any acne seemed less noticeable. 

I'm still using this, and the results just get better every day.

I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with acne, or anyone who just wants a more even skin tone!

♡ Have a great day, beautiful bunnies! 


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