Friday, June 21, 2013

♡ Reviews: J-Cat Sparkling Cream Palette ♡


♡ J-Cat Sparkling Cream Palette 

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On first glance this product is pretty...Like super pretty. I got it in this month's Glam Bag.

First off, the packaging. It's very sleek and looks nice, but it was a pain to open. While peeling off the little bit of tape keeping it closed, it caught with the labels on the bottom of the product so I had to peel all that off too. But maybe that was just my bad luck.

Upon deciding to use it, I wasn't sure how to go about applying it. I lightly tapped it with my finger and it didn't feel creamy at all, so I decided to try using the applicator it came with. So I swiped the applicator across it, and...BOOM it pulled off so much product it already hit pan. I rubbed as much product back into the pan as I could and decided to just use my fingers to apply it.

It was a little hard to get a good pigment at first, but I finally got it. I started off with the light beige shade on the first half of my eyes, and the yellow color on the outer half.

For the crease, I used the orangey shade. I decided to use a brush for this one, so I grabbed one of my good brushes and swiped it...literally I only got a bit of excess glitter. Yeah, I'll just stick to my fingers with this.

Next, trying to apply eyeliner over it, I grabbed a liquid liner to do a basic cat eye. It was practically impossible to get the eyeliner black over the eyeshadow, all the glitter seeped right through. I had to go over with a thick layer of gel liner to hid the glitter trying to sparkle through.

The fallout wasn't as bad as I expected, but it was practically impossible to get off. (Actually, I couldn't get it all off.)

Trying to take the make-up off was terrible. I got most of it off, but the sparkles just smeared everywhere. I used my basic eye make-up remover twice, then washed my face twice...I'm pretty sure I still have sparkles everywhere. And the sparkles got into my eyes. It doesn't hurt that bad, but it's pretty annoying. Almost as annoying as an eyelash in your eye.

♡ Pros 

- Colors are pretty
- Cheap price (you get what you pay for)
- Looks nice when applied

♡ Cons 

- Hard to remove fallout
- Hard to remove in general
- Very messy
- Tricky to apply
- Cheap quality
- Eyeliner doesn't apply well over it

♡ Overall 

★  ☆ ☆ ☆ 
( two stars was very gracious )

♡ Thanks for reading, cuties! 


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