Thursday, June 20, 2013

♡ Girl Talk: Confidence ♡

Girl Talk:

♡ Confidence ♡

What's wrong with just being you?
( Nothing, because you're beautiful. )

Confidence is a trait that seems to be rapidly disappearing in women (Men too). I'm pretty sure society is the main blame for that.

Society seems to be pressuring women that they have to be a size 0, or they have to have a thigh gap, or they have to wear a face full of make-up to be pretty, or no sex until you're married because if you have sex you're a dirty slut.

Try to picture this in your head. Every single woman in the world, a size 0. Each of them wearing a full-on face of make-up, bleach blonde hair going down to the butt, and pretty much every woman as a walking Barbie. Do you think it would still be appealing?

No, it wouldn't.

Life needs variety. Do you think every man is interested in a woman who looks like a Barbie? No way! There are plenty of men who like girls who are chubby or wear no make-up.

You should definitely not worry about your appearance. You may look different than all the girls around you, but that's okay!

Look at it this way, you're a pear surrounded by apples.

Are apples good? Yes, apples are good. But no matter how red and juicy the apple is, there's always someone that hates apples.

So then what does that person like? They like the pear. 

In case you're not understanding that little fruit bit, the point is that not everyone wants the same thing. Not everyone likes blonde barbies, not everyone likes country girls, not everyone likes tomboys.

What really matters is that you are okay with yourself.

Does it matter what anyone else thinks? Hell no. Whenever someone puts you down, you remember that one day someone is going to see you and think that you're the most beautiful girl they've ever laid eyes on.

Don't even try to tell me that's never going to happen for you, because it will. You're just as special as the most popular girl in the school.

♡ Tips to Increase Your Confidence ♡

- Remember that everyone struggles with confidence. You. Are. Not. Alone.
- When someone compliments you, accept it! Don't reject it, even if you don't agree with them, that's their opinion! Maybe someone just called you pretty, and you don't think so. Does that mean they can't find you pretty? Absolutely not, if you start accepting compliments with gratitude, you'll feel better about yourself.
- When you feel bad about yourself, start writing down things you like about yourself or things you're good at. Don't say you're bad at everything and there's nothing good about you, because there is. Are you a good singer? Good artist? Good at sports? Do you like the color of your eyes? Do you think you have a nice butt? Do you like your fashion sense? Start writing things down, girl!
- Accept your flaws. EVERYONE is flawed. I myself am a very confident person, and I can pick out my flaws without feeling terrible about them. Your good traits will always outweigh the bad. No one is perfect, so don't feel like you have to be.
- Confidence is sexy.

I'm gonna tell you a little story that relates to that last one. At school, everyone thinks the popular kids are so hot, right? So a long while back I remember talking to one of my friends about them. And we realized, "hey, those people aren't actually that attractive, why does everyone think they are?" And you know what we came up with? We think they're attractive, because they have the confidence to act like they are. We can see the confidence on them, and we think, "hey, that's sexy!" And they become attractive to us. Go look at someone who everyone thinks is so pretty, really look at them, are they honestly jaw-dropping gorgeous, or do they have the confidence to believe they are?

And one last thing. Do what you want, not what anyone else wants.
I like to wear a full face of make-up. People tell me "oh, why do you wear so much make-up? You'd look fine without all that." And I'm just like, "yes I do look fine without it, but I like wearing it. I feel more confident with it. So I'm going to wear it."
Are you "chubby"? So what? I think chubby people are naturally adorable. (Plus, you guys are the absolute BEST at cuddling.)
Do you not like shaving? More power to you, if you don't want to shave your legs, armpits, bikini area, or wherever else, that is up to you. No one else. If it makes you comfortable, go for it!
You can love your body, even if you're trying to change it.

Love your body, love your appearance, love yourself. Embrace the ways you're unique, because they only make you more beautiful.

♡ if you were a cheeto, you’d be a hot cheeto. 

( have a good day, you hot cheetos! )


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