Thursday, June 20, 2013

♡ Silky Smooth Legs For Summer ♡

How To:
♡ Silky Smooth Legs ♡

Hey beauty junkies. Guess who's looking great today?
(It's you.)

Everyone loves the feeling of having legs as smooth as a baby's butt, right? It just makes you happy when you feel your legs and it feels like your hand is surrounded by kittens. Well, maybe it doesn't make everyone happy, but it makes me feel wonderful!
This is the perfect treat to pamper yourself with.

♡ The Magic Ingredients 

1. Mix all of those ingredients up into a bowl. (You can substitute olive oil for canola oil, baby oil, or coconut oil. Also, you definitely don't need to squeeze juice from a lemon or a lime, you can just buy plain ol' lemon juice from the store).
2. Start up a bath and soak your legs in it for at least 5 minutes
3. Shave your legs. Using a newer razor is better, because trust me, you're going to get all that dead skin off your legs, and if you haven't exfoliated recently it can get pretty awkward.
4. Rub the mixture all over your legs. It's going to feel great! Like a mini-massage.
5. Shave your legs a second time. This is when all that nasty dead skin is going to start coming up, I'm sure you'll be glad that's leaving!
6. Use the mixture a second time! Your legs should already be feeling smooth.
7. Rinse your legs off. You can use a mild soap or body wash if your legs feel too oily, but I personally don't like to.
8. Get out of the tub and lather your legs up in lotion.
9. Tell everyone you know to feel your legs! (TRUST ME, you'll want to!)

I like to do this when I need a little pick-me-up, because for me, pampering myself is the perfect treat when I'm feeling down.

Pro tip: You don't have to limit this to just your legs! Use it on your tummy, your arms, anywhere you want! You could have silky smooth armpits too, if you want!

♡ Have fun with your baby-butt smooth legs and have a fabulous morning/afternoon/evening/night! 


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