Sunday, June 23, 2013

♡ Reviews: NYX Round Case Lipstick ♡

♡ NYX Round Case Lipstick ♡

I gotta catch them all
But I still choose you.
Hey baby,
Would you be my pikachu?

I have been loving NYX for a long time. ( I'll literally recommend like...anything by them. It's all a hit for me. ) And seeing as it's pretty hard to find a pigmented lipstick that's long-lasting, I decided to do a review on one of my favorites.

I have a couple of these, and I intend to buy more of them. 

Initially the packaging is very sleek and nice, and there isn't and trouble opening or closing them.

The product goes on very smoothly, especially with a lip balm applied first. There are no rough spots or issues with the color being uneven, it looks great. They're pretty glossy too, which I really love. I've also never had an issue with them making my lips feel dry.

I tend to smack and rub my lips a lot, which can easily make a product wear off. When I do that frequently, these will typically last 5 hours still. When I don't do anything to rub them off, they can last roughly 10 hours. ( I typically will not use a primer, liner, or blot when I use these, so if you take those extra steps I'm sure it'll last as long as you need.

♡ Cons ♡
- ?????

♡ Pros ♡
- Long-lasting
- Cheap price
- Smooth application
- Not drying
- True to color
- Pigmented
- Good packaging
- Large color selection

So, I'm pretty sure you can already guess what I'd rate this lipsticks.

♡ Overall ♡

( Beautiful product, I highly recommend it. )

 ♡ Talk to you later, gorgeous! 


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